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CELEMENT LAB aims for the balance of material, style and user experience.

We convey our original goal of design through daily life, and make the optimum design from the experience of keeping eliminate inapplicable ones.

If you are interested with our works or have got any projects request, feel free to contact us.

  • Crossover cooperation 

  • Material cooperation 

  • Design consultancy 

  • Product design (ODM) 

  • Product production (OEM) 


Weiwuying _ 衛武營國家藝術文化中心

J.J. Pan & Partners _ 潘冀聯合建築師 _ 商人藝術家

I SHIU _ 一緒數位有限公司

TEN Stationery

Yahoo _ 雅虎數位行銷

U 10 _ 大衍國際

Pure Storage, Inc. 

White factor _ 白因子

BIYOU _ 你的喝芘友

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