CELEMENT Lamp, Mountainstone​

Mountainstone is a floating, lighting and heartwarming product.


Mountainstone make the surprise in changing of day and night.

It is like a small mountain when it being turned off, and represents the unique feature by shining through cracks when it being turned on. Mountainstone can bring two kinds of feeling to surrounding.

Mountainstone has two colors and two line modules to be chosen!

It not only can be a ceiling lamp but also a desk lamp as an inspirational mountain, and become a part of scenery on the desk.

Mountainstone uses the transmission of light from soft material and creates the interaction between possessor and light.

People usually think cracks or other defects are imperfect and negative, but cracks also can be a story or trace of memory about life.

We try to change this image by combining light with cracks, so we used cracks as design feature with celement.

It makes cracks become lovely and people can feel touched.

Based in Taiwan. All right reserved since 2015.


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