CELEMENT Penholder

Short pencils and erasers are on its proper position.  You do not need to pour all things out anymore to find your short pencils and erasers.


We separate the holder into two "floors".

Therefore, your smaller stationery can have a suitable place to stay and you would not forget them anymore.

CELEMENT Sharpener

Your pencil can play the role as a chimney for this little house.

Keeping the element of metal house to increase friction for holding, the soft concrete 


sharpener bring you a nice touching.

Furthermore, it can stack on Celement Penholder.

TINY CITY Stationery creates a conflict but harmonious experience.

We apply architecture image into stationery, moving the view outside your window to your table. It combines concrete texture with soft touch. It looks unbalanced in look and material but creates harmonious scenery. 

Material: CELEMENT (soft concrete) x Wood, environmental, non-poisonous and recyclable materials. 

Penholder size / weight : 10(L)x10(W)x12(H)cm / 450g. 

Sharpener size / weight : 4.7(L)x4.7(W)x5.8(H) cm / 75g.  



a) Every CELEMENT product is unique.

    The surface texture will be different owing to the material,and each wood has different grain. 

b) In order to extend its life, please avoid to expose the product under sunlight.

c) To protect the surface, please clean it by soft brush or damp cloth.

    Metal or hard brush may scratch the product.

d) How to clean the pencil shaving:

    Use your thumb to push it up from the bottom, then open the wood door to clean pencil shavings. 

    To protect the product, please do not pull the wood roof directly.



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